Angel Ring installation

Prior to any angel ring being installed ANSA will contact the relevant authority or agency to discuss the proposed installation date and locations.

The NSW Branch of ANSA has installed 108 rings and has 34 documented rescues with the rings across NSW. The projects success depended upon the Department of Lands and National Parks and Wildlife waiving the need for ANSA and its state branches to indemnify them against any claims that may arise from public liability, either from and not limited to loss, vandalism and misuse of the rings.

ANSA NSW and ANSA National accept no liability for the installation of the rings. The project has blanket approval from the NSW Department of Lands and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Each application will be assessed individually and approval granted by the relevant authority for ANSA NSW to install Angel Rings at each individual location nominated.

ANSA NSW and ANSA National agrees install and maintain the Angel Ring Pilot Project outlined herein.
In the case where the site is on a Crown reserve under Council/Trust control or a National Park, written consent from the relevant authority supporting the proposed installations will be sought.

As part of the project consultation process, ANSA has completed the following:

(i) Supplied photographs and GPS coordinates which clearly identify the sites where the rings are to be installed
(ii) In circumstances where access to the ring may require the crossing of adjoining lands, contacting the owner of adjoining land prior to the ring installation
(iii) Completion of a report which lists contact names, details and addresses of ANSA affiliated community/fishing clubs, ring assembly dimensions and installation details, the date of intended installation, description of how ANSA members will access the site, details of ANSA signage; arrangements for ongoing management and maintenance and a time frame for renewal/ replacement of rings
(iv) A review of environmental factors if required
(v) An OHS assessment of the installation of the rings

Upon receiving final approval for the installation, ANSA will coordinate an installation team from within the ANSA membership to install the rings. Before therings are installed, the relevant authority or agency will be notified.

The Angel Ring Team will install the nominated assemblies in line with the OHS requirements attached to this document.

Local media outlets will be informed and a community education strategy will be enacted that is an extension of the work ANSA and the Recreational Fishing Alliance is implementing within NSW to reduce the number of fatalities at these high risk locations.

ANSA NSW and ANSA National will liaise with their local and national media contacts to promote the installation of the rings and link these installations with their relative websites and member associations to better inform the community of safe rock fishing practices.

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